Volcano Explorers with Seth Moran

Recorded on October 24, 2014 with Seth Moran, a seismologist with the US Geological Survey’s Cascade Volcanoes Observatory. This program explores the questions:

How do scientists diagnose volcanic activity?
What do Mount St. Helens earthquakes tell us about how volcanoes work?

Starting in 2008, Volcano Explorers brings live, interactive video presentations by preeminent scientists and educators to students across the country. Using webinar technology, Volcano Explorers easily works in just about any classroom with a computer, projector and internet connection.

Who should attend? All classes are welcome to attend, but the presentations are aimed at 5th – 8th grade classes that study earth history, landforms or geologic processes.

Interactive: Participating classes will be able to write questions using the “Chat” feature in the webinar program and time will be reserved to address student questions. As long as you have a computer, speakers and a projector you will be able to project the program up on a screen for your class.


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