There’s a new interactive map on Yellowstone geology — and it’s pretty neat

If you’re into geology as much as I am (and I know that’s a long shot), the odds are you probably love Yellowstone. This mammoth volcanic system has created one of the most spectacular environments on Earth.

But, until now, if you wanted to access interactive geological information about Yellowstone you’d have to do a bit of digging, as different types of information (like earthquake data or local rock information) were sometimes hosted on different webpages.

Now, the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) has created an online interactive map all about Yellowstone. The Geology of Yellowstone Map has all the info you could possibly want, providing scientists and travelers alike with a digital space to explore Yellowstone’s unique geologic landscape.

The lovely geology of Yellowstone — now in real-time. Image credits: USGS / Geology of Yellowstone Map.

The map contains almost 100 different layers that you can toggle on and off, from thermal features and geologic hazards to Lidar maps and basic orientation. You can access the map through the direct link or via the interactive maps panel on the WSGS homepage.

Of course, the maps also include bedrock and surface geological information. In other words, if you’re walking through Yellowstone and come across an interesting geological formation, you can quickly use the map and see what it is.

Lidar data showing topographic elevation. Image credits: USGS / Geology of Yellowstone Map.

The abundance of data comes both from USGS maps as well as the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. It’s the most comprehensive image of Yellowstone’s geology ever produced, and you can access it in real-time.

The USGS also plans to make ongoing updates and additions to the map, as additional information is published.

You can shift the layers from the right hand side of the map, and you can click individual features to get more information about them. Image credits: USGS / Geology of Yellowstone Map.

Whether it’s on-site exploration or just an armchair visit, it’s a lovely tool for all Yellowstone lovers. Happy exploring!

The agency welcomes suggestions on how to improve the Geology of Yellowstone Map going forward and encourages inquiries from researchers interested in displaying their data on the map. Get in touch at

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