The Lost Art of Stratigraphy: Part 1 – Introduction, Mike Smith

Dr Mike Smith introduces the use of stratigraphy in archaeology. In this video he discusses why it matters and shows archaeology students how to think stratigraphically and how to visualise the sediment cycle.

‘Much can be done with basic field assessment if right questions are asked. The barriers are conceptual not technical — you don’t need portable XRF, magnetic stratigraphy, and high-end lab analyses. Any good field archaeologist can make a competent assessment of site stratigraphy.’

Dr Mike Smith is an archaeologist and a Senior Fellow at the Research Centre, National Museum of Australia.His research focuses on the prehistory, cultural history and human ecology of Australia’s deserts, the history of ideas about Australian drylands, the timing, nature and impact of early human colonisation of the Australian continent, and the presentation of environmental history in museums. More: https://www.nma.gov.au/audio/audio/compleat-archaeologist-mike-smith-desert-archaeology-and-museums


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