Sinclair's Geology for Beginners #6 | RDR2 Rock Carving Location Guide in Red Dead Redemption 2

Mount Shann Rock Carving | Sinclair’s Geology, RDR2 Rock Carving #6 in Red Dead Redemption 2
Sinclair’s Geology for Beginners #6 | RDR2 Rock Carving Location Guide in Red Dead Redemption 2
Geology For Beginners is a side quest series that can be triggered independently in free roam with no pre requisites, but the quest can also be given , and is later given more context by “man out of time” Francis Sinclair. Francis is a smooth talking, eager gentleman from the 1930’s…
(see this video for the breakdown: )
Sinclair issues the “Geology for Beginners” quest-line, as well as gives the player a heavy focus on where the carvings are and how many could be left. the player is then up to themselves to find all of the Rock Carving Locations exact coordinates and then mail them to Francis Sinclair.

Whole Geology For Beginners Series :

Francis Sinclair Breakdown :

Armadillo Curse Breakdown :

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