Rocks and Minerals For Kids | Science For Kids | Grade 2 | Periwinkle

Rocks and Minerals
Earth is almost entirely made up of rocks.
Hills, mountains and valleys are made of rocks.
Even the garden soil and sand are made up of tiny particles of rocks.

0:53 Different Types of Rocks
1:41 Different Rocks and Their Uses
1:54 Marble
2:12 Granite
2:33 Standstone
2:56 Slate
3:13 Chalk
3:25 Charcoal
3:41 What are rocks made of?
3:57 Minerals
4:25 Minerals – Properties and Uses
4:32 Iron
4:43 Quartz
5:02 Talc
5:15 Silica
5:30 Salt
6:20 Gemstones

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