Pokot Kenya – Field Exploration for Rubies

With this new field documentary I would like to invite you to follow us on the recent field expedition had in the West Pokot area in the west of Kenya (near the border with Uganda). In this area is located a very remote ruby deposit, one of the rare marble type ruby deposits in East Africa. This deposit was discovered since the 1950’s probably when the British built a road along the border, but due to security issues I was never be able to visit it until very recently. Few years ago, while still working at GIA in Bangkok I met Christine Muthama who had some stones from the newly formed “Pokot Gems Ltd” company. We wrote a short article on rubies reportedly from that area that was published in Gems & Gemology and since then I discussed with Mme Muthama to visit Pokot… This is what we did!

I was very happy to do that with my old friend Dr. Cedric Simonet, probably the most knowledgeable geologist regarding gemstones deposits in Eastern Africa, two friends: Erica Courtney, a designer from USA and Angir, a Chinese gemologist working in Japan and of course my field cameraman Didier Barriere Doleac from Nomads Media (as without him you could not see this video). Together we were not only able to collect on site, at the mine, some interesting reference samples for the “Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones” (DANAT) reference collection, but also we were able to find another old ruby deposit, never mentioned on any article, but that Cedric as some knowledge about. Interestingly scouting the area with Google Earth we found out that the definition was quite good and found some indications of digging. Going onsite we could confirm that it was indeed a ruby deposit studying the mining pit and the waste around the former mining site.
No gem quality material, but two more spots on my map.


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