Michigan Geologist Identifies Mysterious Rock Found In Lake Huron

Mystery solved! Through the power of the internet, we’ve found an expert that was able to identify a Michigan woman’s once in a lifetime find on the shores of Lake Huron.

This unique rock was found about a week ago when Tina McKercher was visiting a family member in Oscoda. Tina, who has been an avid rock picker for decades, decided to head to Harrisville for some rock picking on the shores of Lake Huron when she found this mysterious specimen. She said to date she had been able to identify nearly everything she has found until this rock. Hobbyists and experts alike were stumped. Many commentators where convinced Tina’s find was a fossilized egg, or worse yet, a fossilized alien egg that should be returned to where it was found because it’s 2020 and we do not need any more trouble, lol. That is until Geologist Mary Ann St. Antoine happened upon this article. Not only was Mary Ann able to identify Tina’s find, but this is not the first time she has seen this type of formation.

Your rock looks like a pyrite concentrating. It appears that there may be a fossil -a crinoid calyx where the pyrite has replaced the original mineral. Pyrite replacement in fossils is common in the Devonian shale in Sylvania, OH. ~Mary Ann St. Antoine – Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy, Senior Environmental Quality Analyst and Adjunct Geology at Lake Superior State University

Mary Ann also gave Tina information on how to properly store her Lake Huron treasure, inside rice or silica packets to keep it from rusting, and noted what a beautiful example find was. She also gave Tina some ideas for placing a monetary value on the piece. Tina says that it’s not for sale and she treasures her rare find.

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