Italy's dramatic scenery: rocks, earthquakes and volcanoes

100 million years ago a collision between the African and European tectonic plates began. It created the stunning Alpine mountain chain and tectonic forces continue to influence earthquakes and volcanic activity in Italy today.

Dr Lidia Lonergan (Earth Science and Engineering) describes how the internal forces of our planet have formed the majestic pinnacles of the Dolomites and the lunar landscape of Vesuvius.

Being half-Italian, Lidia has a life-long interest in Italian culture, food, scenery and geology. Her PhD research was on the tectonics of southern Spain and the western Mediterranean and the geological evolution of Italy and surrounding seas inspired some of her research. Since then she has maintained an active interest in Italian geology, leading undergraduate student field trips across the Apennines and supervising students undertaking mapping projects in the Alpe Apuane, the Alps, and researching land sliding in southern Italy.

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