Inside A Volcano: Explorer Travels To The World's Most Extreme Environments

Inside A Volcano: Explorer Travels To The World’s Most Extreme Environments
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AN INTREPID adventurer stands on the precipice of the most active lava lakes in the world. This incredible footage was shot by filmmaker Sam Cossman and shows his harrowing journey into the Marum crater, which is one of only seven lava lakes on the planet, located on the remote island of Ambrym, in the Republic of Vanuatu. In 2014 the 33-year-old left his home in San Francisco to fulfil his dream as a digital storyteller and tech-explorer. Sam and his team used high tech drones, virtual reality cameras, and biometric wearable sensors to learn more about the geology of such an extreme environment.
The project was funded by iPhone accessory company, Kenu.com, and had a crew of experts including volcanic explorer Brad Ambrose, award winning videographer Conor Toumarkine, Drone Pilot Simon Jardine and Phd Astrobilogist Dr. Jeff Marlow. §The team created the first ever 3D scale model of a volcano and lava lake. They used drone mounted camera and photogrammetry software courtesy of Pix4d, which enabled the team to take precise measurements. Sam also utilised Sensum Biometric Sensors’s wearable tech which uses lie detector technology to give a more accurate understanding of the physiological effects of the extreme environment on the body. NASA’s SHERLOC instrument was crucial in helping the team investigate how microbial life can survive and form life in such an extreme location. The instrument was also used in NASA’s Mars Mission Project. Other sponsors include Newtex who developed the specialised industrial proximity heat suit which allowed Sam to get within 10 metres of the burning hot lava. AltSpace virtual reality helped digitise the volcano into a true to scale virtual environment. Wearable World is an incubator for the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected Sam with lab company, Sensum – who equipped him with a wearable product helped visualize the physiological and emotional response to the descent. For more information about Kenu’s products and Sam’s expedition please visit: http://www.kenu.com/

Videographer / Director: Sam Cossman
Producer: Sam Cossman, Mark Hodge, Chloe Browne
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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