In the water worlds of the milky way is hidden amazing geological composition

In the water worlds of the milky way can be finds various hidden forms of life that supports water with a fascinating geological composition. This was stated by the researchers from the United States.

Outside the Solar system can be located other planets still unexplored by humans. Water worlds in their own dimensions are able to surpass the Earth and can be completely covered with liquid without any protruding bits of soil. Scientists are actively interested in such space objects, in particular, they want to know more about possible habitats. Assistant Professor, University of Arizona Dan Shim suggested that the water worlds exist and are a transitional element to the water from the silica.

A group of astrophysicists of the Argonne laboratory in the USA conducted a case study and was surprised on environmental and geological compositions of these planets in the milky way. They half consist of ice or water, but these layers are able to persist under very powerful pressure and very high temperature. Now to establish the geological component of exoplanets, so the experiment has so far been implemented in the framework of the theory. One of the experiences was able to realize with samples obtained on two lines of the APS beam. They took in the fragments of the diamond anvils. The result was a pair of diamond, and by placing between them a sample, experts learned how to make jewelry with increasing pressure. The corresponding figure can reach millions of atmospheres. The acquired knowledge should now help scientists explore exoplanet with signs of life.

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