Geology of the Death Valley area

00:00:00 Introduction : Geology of the Death Valley area
00:03:14 Part 1: Early sedimentation
00:03:14 Chapter 1: Proterozoic complex
00:05:15 Chapter 2: Pahrump Group
00:08:50 Part 2: Crustal thinning and rifting
00:10:31 Part 3: Passive margin formed
00:12:55 Part 4: A carbonate shelf forms
00:17:25 Part 5: Change to active margin and uplift
00:20:11 Part 6: Development of a plain
00:21:56 Part 7: Extension creates the Basin and Range
00:27:06 Part 8: Volcanism and valley-fill sedimentation
00:33:33 Part 9: Table of formations
00:33:51 Part 10: Table of salts
00:33:51 Postscript : Information about this video and recording.
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00:00:00 Alfredo D’Ambrosio: String Quartet, Op.42 – IV. Allegro Energico (Steve’s Bedroom Band)

00:08:15 Amilcare Ponchielli: La Gioconda – IV (European Archive)


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