Eurasian Minerals – The Perfect Blend of Business Acumen and Geology

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David Cole the President, CEO and Director of Eurasian Minerals sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to highlight the companies:
1) proven management
2) the ability to generate organic growth
3) with ongoing procurement, sales, and Royalty Generation of massive-global-district scale – land packages
Mr. Cole will also be addressing payments received from the Leeville Royalty Property located in the Carlin Trend, and how the revenue will be redeployed into the companies successful 3 Prong Business Approach, which also be covered in detail in today’s interview. We will further discuss the recent sale of 4 projects to Boreal Metals in Scandinavia. Mr. Cole will also provide investors the latest exciting drill results from the enormous Copper-Gold Porphyry at Malmyzh located in Eastern Russia. In closing Mr. Cole demonstrates his business acumen by sharing the latest sale of Akarca in Turkey for cash, gold-bullion, including a Royalty Interest. These are just some of the unique attributes that make Eurasian Minerals . . . The Royalty Generator!


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