Episode 08: Amazing Quartz Crystals from Mt. Ida, Arkansas (Fisher Mountain Mine)

We visit the Stanley Mine on Fisher Mountain in search of clear quartz crystals near Mt. Ida, Arkansas, known as the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World. Chase and I pay a visit to Judy’s Rock Shop before spending the day at the expansive quartz crystal collecting area on Fisher Mountain.

When you say quartz crystals, most collectors immediately think of the famous crystals found near Mt. Ida, Arkansas. Some of the largest crystals and clusters of crystals have been found in the clay-filled hydrothermal deposits of the Ouachita Mountain Range.

Each year, Mt. Ida hosts the World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig in October. Quartz crystal collectors from all over the world converge on the town to find the largest single crystal or the best overall cluster. For more information:

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