Best Rock Tumblers For 2018

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We’ve researched thousands of buyer reviews to find you the best rock tumblers for 2018.

Here are the rock tumblers that we’ve reviewed in this video:

#6: Lorotone 33B
This rock tumbler runs on 115V, 60Hz that allows you to tumble three pounds of rocks in its two hard rubber barrels to polish one load while grinding another. Ideal for serious home hobbyists or professional jewelers that are willing to spend a lot for quality. It will be the best hobby ever!

#5: Discover with Dr. Cool PRO
This deluxe rock tumbler will transform rough rocks into beautiful gems. It features an automatic shutoff timer, long-lasting motor, speed control settings and leak-proof rubber barrel for quieter tumbling. Amaze your kids with this hands-on earth science kit that comes with 1 lb of tumbling stone to start a rock collection!

#4: Lorotone 3A
This rock tumbler has a 3 lb. capacity barrel offers the user economic high performance. Its barrel is hard rubber to minimize noise and the durable motor is long-lasting that allows one to run the unit nonstop for days on end. Plus, it is UL approved for safety with one year warranty.

#3: Tru-square Metal A-R2
This versatile rock tumbler has a six-pound capacity with its fan-cooled motor, designed to help prevent chances of overheating. Plus, it is overload protected and easy to use. Enjoy an extended tumbling sessions without the worry of destroying the model!

#2: National Geographic Hobby Kit
Make your own sparkling gemstones with this rock tumbler, perfect as a gift for children and teens who loves geology. It is very easy to use one-touch settings and an automatic shutoff timer. Plus, it comes with 9 types of rough stones that can be polished for you to giveaway to your friends!

#1: Tru-square Metal THU140
This high-quality professional rock tumbler made it to the top of our list for the best things you can buy. Ideal for schools, laboratories, and jewelers, having a 15-pound capacity steel hexagon barrel with a removable rubber lining that can withstand regular heavy-duty use. Plus, this model is the standard of hard-loading experts.

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